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Welcome to the 4Humanities@CSUN blog!

Some topics to think about:

  • Recruitment ideas–I’m in favor of contacting professors that each of us feel comfortable with, and asking them if they’d be willing to let us make a short announcement to their class(es) during the first two weeks of the semester. Do you guys like this idea?
  • First Officer Meeting–we need to set up a time to meet to go over business items, fundraising ideas, budget costs, etc. Thursdays work well for me this semester. How does Thurs., Jan 26th at 4:00 sound for everybody?
  • First round-table– We’ve been invited by Dr. Liu and the UCSB chapter to join them via Skype during their first meeting of their quarter. It is a discussion-based meeting, so I thought this would work well for our first round-table discussion. It is on Feb. 2nd from 5-7pm. I can reserve an appropriate room if this is something we want to do. We should figure this out ASAP so that we can use this as our first event during recruitment.

That’s all for now!


One comment on “Welcome to the 4Humanities@CSUN blog!

  1. Hello everyone,

    Its great to have a dedicated webpage. As to the topics: I am in favor of petitioning our past and present instructors for a few minutes in front of their classes. I think we should go in groups, and have a succinct and somewhat canned presentation, so as to avoid speaking distress and to not waste anyone’s class time. Maybe we could go over our pitch in the next meeting.

    As for the officer meeting, the 26th should be fine for me. Are we meeting in the same conference room? I like the idea of the Skype roundtable. But I also think we should some kind of agenda, possibly a prearranged list of questions for the more senior chapter. Maybe we could go over this in the next meeting as well.

    I’m exited for the next term, and ready to work with all of you.

    Michael Green

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