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  • Holds monthly meetings that include scholarly discussion of the current state of the humanities and advocacy options;
  • Communicates with other local chapters to participate in 4Humanities events;
  • Contributes to the 4Humanities website through blog posts and article suggestions;
  • Holds an annual colloquium with a relevant keynote speaker (budget allowing).

Members can contribute to the 4Humanities organization by blogging, keeping an online journal, researching and sharing articles, and/or fundraising.

Additionally, CSUN’s local 4Humanities chapter showcases humanities scholarship using a “backpack documentary” system where the members of CSUN’s chapter each learn how to document humanities research/projects by creating mini-documentary films. Students opting to create these documentaries must undergo a mandatory training session on equipment use and basic editing, organizing the project’s timeline (including scheduling equipment use), and implementing the project. Mini-documentary projects can range from current student research to the making of the documentary itself.


The overall goal is to use interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration to foster connections among local branch members and outside the community. Aligning with the 4Humanities initiative, 4Humanities@CSUN is sponsored by the Center for the Digital Humanities.

4Humanities@CSUN will use four strategies to advocate for the Humanities:

    1. Document and disseminate humanities scholarship using the “documentary backpack,” the Center for the Digital Humanities website, and the 4Humanities website.
    2. Contribute to the discourse of the 4Humanities collective through blog posts and article sharing on the 4Humanities website.
    3. Communicate with other 4Humanities local chapters via Skype or in-person to create collaborative opportunities or promote the starting of new local chapters.
    4. Create interdisciplinary opportunities and encourage the best use of campus resources (e.g. funding for conference travel and research, grants, scholarships, and awards, and equipment use) to promote research and teaching in the humanities.
    5. Create a comprehensive voice from within the CSU and state comprehensive university sector to advocate for the importance of the humanities in education and society.
    6. Recruit new members and fundraise for 4Humanities@CSUN.


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